Finished Project: Pumpkin Hat

I finished another little project last week. This was a quick but adorable hat for a newborn baby. 

Pumpkin Hat was an easy pattern to follow and turned out so cute. He turns three weeks old Monday and we tried it on him tonight and it fit. I modified the pattern by doing one less pattern repeat and I used a bulky yarn. 



Finished Project: Lemongrass

Finished Lemongrass sweaterCheck it out.  An actual finished project!  I finished knitting my Lemongrass sweater  back in May.  It just needed to be blocked and I had to sew on the buttons.  But where’s the incentive to do that when you finish a sweater when summer is coming? So it was finished this week.

Lemongrass sweaterI used Austermann Murano which is a bulky self-striping yarn.  It’s now discontinued so I got it at a discount. I purposefully made my yarn selection because as my first real sweater, I wasn’t confident I’d even get through it or that I’d even want to wear it.

side of my LemongrassBut I did and I do because the pattern is so well written and easy to follow.  I love the cable pattern down the front and the way the sides come together with buttons. The only changes I made were to the stitch used to increase for the arms and putting two buttons on each side.

So I’m pretty pleased with my big warm bulky sweater and even though I’m sad to see summer go, at least I can look forward to getting to wear this new sweater that I knit myself.

Lemongrass sweater

Finished Project: Cable and Eyelet Hat

It’s my first finished project of 2014!  It’s a Cable and Eyelet Hat.

Cable and Eyelet HatI changed the pattern a bit, omitting some of the straight knitting and purling rows between the cable and eyelet detail in favor of repeating the cable and eyelet rows an extra time.  I like the way it turned out and think would have been even longer if I did it the way the pattern was written.  I think my brim is shorter too.

This is the top.  I changed the decreases ever so slightly so as to not be knitting the two stitches together at the end and beginning of the next row.  I still think it looks pretty.

top of Eyelet and Cable hatIt feels so good to finally finish a project.  I started the first sleeve of my sweater last night and I am very pleased with how it’s looking.

2013 Knitting Recap

I think I had a very successful knitting year.  I knit a few bigger projects (my poncho and a baby blanket) and tried out some new things that I’d never done before (a stuffed animal and dog sweater).  I made a couple things to donate for charity and others to give to some good friends.

2013 knits

Starting at the top and then going right to left:

1. Fingerless Mitts 2. Super Baby Blanket 3. Purple Mustard Scarf 4. Rainbow Bear

5. My Guy’s Beanie 6. Beanie 7. Square Peg for This Round Girl 8. A Dog Sweater

9. School Time Cowl 10. My One Row 11. Footies 12. Another Cozy Cap

13. Raituli 

If anything, I think that 2014 might be a more selfish knitting year.  I have a sweater on my needles right now and there are many other big projects I have queued for myself.  We’ll see how it goes!

Finished: Purple Mustard Scarf

This week I finished knitting and blocking a Mustard Scarf. I found this pattern while I was looking for something that would be easy to memorize and use one skein of worsted weight yarn. I used a leftover skein of Ella Rae Classic and it turned out great.

Purple Mustard ScarfI didn’t add the button because I made it longer than the pattern recommended.  I figure whoever wears it can use a nice pin to wear it more like a cowl or they might just want to wear it like a regular scarf.

I am donating this to a silent auction to be held at this year’s Candlelight Dinner in the Granary in Lemont. I don’t know how much it will bring in but I am glad to be able to contribute.

More purple scarf

Quick Beanie Break

I decided to take a break from another project so that I could make a hat for Mike.  I was beginning to worry that by the time I finally had time to make a hat to match his fingerless mitts that it’d be too warm.

Also I knew that knitting up a hat in the middle of the other projects that are on my needles would be quick and satisfying. I chose the Regular Guy Beanie because I knew I needed something simple for the yarn.

It turned out great.

Regular Guy Beanie

I cast on 8 extra stitches because after reading some notes on Ravelry.  Knowing what I do now, I’d probably do 12 although it fits Mike perfectly.  It would have made the decreases make more sense even though I think it turned out good.

Back of Regular Guy Beanie I’m pretty pleased with this project.  It only took a couple nights and Mike already wore it today.


Lehigh Valley Yarn Stores

This past week I was traveling around the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania and got to visit two different yarn stores.

First I went to The Knitter’s Edge in Bethlehem.

knitters edgeThis was a really big store and it was so crowded with people knitting together and buying yarn and other supplies. The selection was amazing and I can see why it was so busy.  The staff was also very helpful.  I was excited to find they were having a sale on Noro and bought myself some Taiyo Sock and Kureyon.

Noro Taiyo Sock Noro Kureyon

My next visit was to the shop at the Kraemer Yarns factory in Nazareth.

good kraemer millI’ve bought and used Kraemer yarns for other projects and knew it was made in this town in Pennsylvania and on a whim I googled to see if they had a store since I was going to be there.  Their store isn’t huge but it is packed with their yarns.  I ended up getting some of their Perfection Worsted with the plan to crochet it into a granny square blanket.

Kraemer Perfection Worsted

Update on two finished projects

I recently finished two projects that I’ve not yet posted pictures of here.

The first was a Sunday Market Shawl for the Secret Santa with my Bring Your Own Craft friends.

Sunday Market Shawl

This pattern is awesome and I will probably use it again and again.  You get so much bang for your buck and it’s quick.  One skein of worsted weight Araucania Nature Wool and two weeks later it was done.  And it might have gone even faster if during those two weeks we weren’t traveling for Thanksgiving and our trip to Charleston and Savannah.  I just can’t say enough about this pattern.

The second finished project is my Lady Godiva Cowl made from yarn I got in Charleston. The pictures aren’t great but it is a nice, festive looking cowl.

Lady Godiva Cowl Close up of Lady Godiva Cowl

By the way, I am never buying novelty yarn ever again.  Or at least not for a very long time.

Yarn from Charleston and Savannah

On our trip a couple weeks ago, I made sure that there were some local yarn store visits as a part of our plans.

In Charleston, we stopped at Knit. While I shopped around, Mike sat down and spent some time with the Schnauzers that were in the store.

They had a huge selection of yarns and everything was organized by weight.  Usually I try to buy something local to commemorate the visit but they didn’t have that much in the store while we were there. I looked at some of the store samples and decided to buy something completely out of the ordinary for me.

Alp Exquisite is a novelty yarn made with 30% cotton, 30% polyamid, 14% merino, 10% cashmere, 6% baby alpaca, and 5% kid mohair.

Alp Exquisite by Feza Yarns

The pattern that came with the yarn is for a cowl that changes stitches every time the yarn changes.  I thought this would be pretty to wear for Christmas and decided to get it.  Knitting with it is kind of weird.  I’m not so sure I’ll be getting any more yarn like this any time soon, but I am loving the results.  If today goes as planned, I should have it finished tonight.

Alp Exquisite Cowl

In Savannah we went to The Frayed Knot.

The Frayed Knot Store Front 564

This store was much smaller than the one in Charleston but I loved it.  The people working inside were really friendly and pointed us to yarns from The Copper Corgi Fiber Studio made in Savannah.  Mike selected this colorway of a worsted weight yarn called Bloody ‘ell and has requested fingerless gloves.

Copper Corgi Bloody 'ell

Finished: Inspira Cowl

I finished my Inspira Cowl this week.  Monday night the knitting was completed and then on Thursday I weaved in the ends and gave it a light soak to soften it up a bit.

I really liked knitting this cowl.  It has great texture and I am pleased with how the two different Noro Kureyon colorways worked together.  I had plenty in my stash to use up and it worked with just the two colors — no need to use some Silk Garden to fill in as I had worried about before.

It’s so colorful and I love it.  I was reading comments on some of the project pages for this pattern and one person said it looked like clown collar and didn’t like it.  I get it, I do.  But it totally works for me.

Here is a very poor photograph of me wearing it to prove that it doesn’t look that weird on.