Winding more efficiently

A little over a year ago, I wondered how you wind your yarn. Starting a new project meant spending time winding yarn with my knees.

But not anymore because Mike got me a swift and a yarn ball winder!

Yesterday I wound up a few cakes of yarn just to try it out and I love it.  Here is some worsted weight yarn I got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  The plan is to turn it into these footies.

Yarn cake

And this yarn is on deck for this shrug.

Swift  Yarn ball winder winding yarnThis was a really nice gift and I can already tell  it will get a lot of use.


How do you wind?

I don’t have a swift or a yarn ball winder.  I am not really that interested in getting them either.

I have a great method that works pretty well for me.

I decided to wind my yarn for my Augustine Shawlette while I watched the Jersey Shore reunion show the other night.

It’s probably not as quick as using a swift and a yarn ball winder.

This yarn is Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk and Silver and it’s about 420 yards. It took about twenty five minutes but I was watching TV the whole time.

A couple months ago I was told that Kraemer stopped using silver in this yarn because the prices were too high.  But I think I’m pretty lucky because my skein is old enough that it still has silver in it.

I cast on the Augustine Shawlette last night and only did a small bit.  It’s going to be a fun pattern.