Finished Project: Lemongrass

Finished Lemongrass sweaterCheck it out.  An actual finished project!  I finished knitting my Lemongrass sweater  back in May.  It just needed to be blocked and I had to sew on the buttons.  But where’s the incentive to do that when you finish a sweater when summer is coming? So it was finished this week.

Lemongrass sweaterI used Austermann Murano which is a bulky self-striping yarn.  It’s now discontinued so I got it at a discount. I purposefully made my yarn selection because as my first real sweater, I wasn’t confident I’d even get through it or that I’d even want to wear it.

side of my LemongrassBut I did and I do because the pattern is so well written and easy to follow.  I love the cable pattern down the front and the way the sides come together with buttons. The only changes I made were to the stitch used to increase for the arms and putting two buttons on each side.

So I’m pretty pleased with my big warm bulky sweater and even though I’m sad to see summer go, at least I can look forward to getting to wear this new sweater that I knit myself.

Lemongrass sweater


Updates on projects and other things

It’s been a while since I posted any projects because I haven’t actually finished anything yet this year.

I decided that I wanted to try my first real sweater and it’s been taking a bit of time to finish up.  I’m working on Lemongrass and I am loving everything about it.

Lemongrass SweaterFor a first time sweater knitter, I’ve found the pattern is very easy to follow, the construction is very simple and using a bulky yarn makes each section go quickly.  I just hope I finish it in time to wear at least once before the weather gets too warm.

I’m also working on Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat for a friend’s mom.

Hermione HatThis is a quick knit too and I hope to have it finished within the week.

This week, another exciting this that happened was my card catalog was featured on Asja Knits. Asja wrote a post about yarn storage and found so many creative ways knitters are storing their yarns. It was very exciting to see my storage method listed with so many other beautiful and creative yarn stashes.

2013 Knitting Recap

I think I had a very successful knitting year.  I knit a few bigger projects (my poncho and a baby blanket) and tried out some new things that I’d never done before (a stuffed animal and dog sweater).  I made a couple things to donate for charity and others to give to some good friends.

2013 knits

Starting at the top and then going right to left:

1. Fingerless Mitts 2. Super Baby Blanket 3. Purple Mustard Scarf 4. Rainbow Bear

5. My Guy’s Beanie 6. Beanie 7. Square Peg for This Round Girl 8. A Dog Sweater

9. School Time Cowl 10. My One Row 11. Footies 12. Another Cozy Cap

13. Raituli 

If anything, I think that 2014 might be a more selfish knitting year.  I have a sweater on my needles right now and there are many other big projects I have queued for myself.  We’ll see how it goes!

Finished Project: Izzy’s Hooded Dog Sweater

Each year my group of friends organizes a secret gift exchange. We try to do it a bit earlier than Christmas and we call it Secret Turkey.  When I got my pick, my friend Gigi, I was excited to see that she said that her new dog Pepper needed a sweater!

I found Izzy’s Hooded Dog Sweater on Ravelry and just happened to have some Paton’s Shetland Chunky in my stash.

This was a quick knit with very clear instructions. I knit one sleeve and then ripped it out. I was a bit nervous that it wasn’t even going to fit and the thought of having to get little dog legs in the sleeve seemed like a challenge. Maybe that’s because I have cats who don’t let us put anything on them.

However, even without the sleeves, it worked out perfectly! Pepper fits in her sweater.

Pepper SweaterPepper in a hoodieNow if only our cats were as welcoming to clothing as dogs.

Finished Project: Square Peg Poncho

I started my Square Peg poncho over six months ago but took many breaks to knit other things for some gifts.  I finally finished it and blocked it a couple weeks ago.

Square Peg ponchoI knit this poncho with Classic Elite Yarns Ariosa which is a bulky yarn.  When I purchased the yarn, they were still making it with 90% merino and 10% cashmere so it is very soft.  I feel like I got lucky as it is now 100% merino.

Square Peg poncho twoI think I light it best with the points of the square in the front more than the way it looks in the pictures in the pattern.

This was a quick, easy knit with clear instructions.  I think the holes add a nice little detail and they were simple to make. Of course, it will be a few months until I can wear it but I’m not trying to rush away the summer.

A sweater that I can actually wear

Back in November I talked about needing to finish a few projects that are long overdue. Well, last week I finally finished and blocked my first sweater, a Lady Kina.

I thought this sweater was going to be too small for me but the perfect size for my mom.  After blocking it and sewing on a button, it looked bigger so I got nervous that it would suddenly be too big for her.  And she tried it on and it was definitely too big on her but now it fits me perfectly!  I was a little disappointed because I was excited to give it to her, but I am also looking forward to wearing it myself.

I knit this with Classic Wool by Ella Rae in the plum colorway (#45) and it looks great. I have no idea what this button is from but it seemed to be the best button in my stash.

The sleeves are a little snug but I think I’d rather them a little snugger than too loose considering the body of this is so swingy and I wouldn’t want to be pulling them up all the time.

As I was knitting this I decided that I am not a sweater knitter. But after putting it on, I think I’m changing my mind.  There were a lot of long purl rows on this project, but maybe a pullover would be more my speed. It might have taken me over a year to make this, in actual knitting time it was fairly quick.  I can’t wait to wear this.