Afternoon at Good Intent’s New Cidery and Tasting Room

Last year I posted about a great meal that we had that was made better with Good Intent Cider.

Good Intent Cider got even better because this weekend they opened their tasting room at 167 South Potter Street in Bellefonte, Pa.

Good Intent Cider tasting roomMike and I went after running a few errands and we were very excited to enjoy all the cider we know we already love in their tasting room. Their space is so quaint with lots of exposed brick and wood.

good intent 3We each enjoyed two glasses of cider.  We each had a Good Charmat and then Mike tried their perry which is called Calebasse Bosc and I had the original Adam’s Apple.

good intent 5good intent 4There were a lot of people coming in and out and everyone was so friendly.  It ended up being a great time talking with new people and enjoying cider on a perfect fall afternoon.

And of course I got a sweatshirt before I left because I love a good hoodie and I’m sure it won’t hurt if there’s another person out there wearing their gear.

good intent 2I really hope that Jenn and Adam’s success continues.  I know we’ll be back.


Saturday Out in NEPA

Yesterday my friend Celeste and I had a wonderful day trip around Scranton and the Poconos.  The main purpose of our trip was to visit the Boden Outlet which opened at the end of 2011 in Pittston, PA.

Appropriately, the store is located in a former dress factory.

For an outlet, shopping was pretty easy with nothing too crammed together and most items organized by size. It was light and open and made it really easy to go through the racks.

There were plenty of colorful items to browse through including a good selection of kids clothing.

We planned for a Saturday because we thought it was only open one day a week from 10 am to 4 pm.  We talked with a sales rep who told us that besides also being open on Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm, in August they will also open on Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm.  They get shipments once a week.  I got a blue linen tunic with colorful buttons and a necklace.  We’re already planning to go back in late fall.

After shopping, we headed to Old Forge to have Old Forge Pizza for lunch.

Celeste chose Revello’s. She grew up near by and it is the one of the many pizza restaurants that line the main street that they usually chose.

I’d never had Old Forge style pizza before. It’s square, has a crispy thick, but light, crust with a good sauce and creamy (sticks to your teeth) cheese.  A quick search online suggests it’s American or Fontina cheese.

During her campaign, Hilary Clinton stopped at Revello’s for a cut (what they call a slice).

After lunch we made a quick stop at DSW before heading to our final destination, Holly Ross Pottery in La Anna, PA.

We went across the swinging bridge before heading inside.

We both really wanted to get one of those ceramic Christmas trees with the little colored lights that get inserted into the holes in the pottery.  They always have them but neither of us have ever bought them before. Sadly, they said they lost their supplier.

Instead we browsed around before settling on a few other things. The best part of Holley Ross (in my opinion) is all the Fiestaware they have at reduced prices.

Most of it is seconds with very minor flaws.  I got a pitcher and two mugs and the flaws are so minor (for example a rough spot on one of the mug handles) that you’d never know they were there unless you looked for them.

They also carry a lot of other well-known collectible pottery and glass items and it’s just fun to look around.

After, we drove home.  It was probably about five hours in the car, but it was so nice to spend the time with Celeste and spend time in a different part of the state.  I think we always have a good time on our excursions and yesterday was perfect.