2013 Knitting Recap

I think I had a very successful knitting year.  I knit a few bigger projects (my poncho and a baby blanket) and tried out some new things that I’d never done before (a stuffed animal and dog sweater).  I made a couple things to donate for charity and others to give to some good friends.

2013 knits

Starting at the top and then going right to left:

1. Fingerless Mitts 2. Super Baby Blanket 3. Purple Mustard Scarf 4. Rainbow Bear

5. My Guy’s Beanie 6. Beanie 7. Square Peg for This Round Girl 8. A Dog Sweater

9. School Time Cowl 10. My One Row 11. Footies 12. Another Cozy Cap

13. Raituli 

If anything, I think that 2014 might be a more selfish knitting year.  I have a sweater on my needles right now and there are many other big projects I have queued for myself.  We’ll see how it goes!


First finished project of the new year: Fingerless Mitts

When we were in Savannah, the yarn we picked up was for Mike.  He request fingerless gloves and so I began searching for something to make for him once we were home.

One of my friends had made Camp Out Fingerless Mitts for herself and they turned out great. So I modified the pattern for Mike’s giant hands and this week I finished the second one.  He loves them.

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts