Bathroom Update

Our bathroom renovation is finally complete!

We live in a 1.5 bathroom house and the main bath was out of date, crowded and in need of an overhaul. We used Bartley Builders for the project and cannot be more pleased with the results.

Here is what it looked like before.

It was a lot of cream and brass and horrible floors that were peeling up around the sink.

002 (3)The sink was very low, especially for Mike.

003 (3)The light fixture on the ceiling was hideous and the fan was old and noisy.

009 (3)The light above the sink was pretty terrible too.

010 (3) 011 (3)The shower was the worst.  The plumbing had some problems and would never quite come out strong enough up top.  The bath fitter was some weird color and the tub was pretty shallow and would never have accommodated a bath.

016 (4) 017 (4)More hideous brass.

019 (3)Doug and Aaron were over every day for two weeks working on this project.

First they started tearing everything out.

012 (2)I guess we’re lucky that we didn’t have to live with that lovely flooring for the last seven years.  Nice of the previous owners to just cover it up.

017 (2)

001 (2)They found some plumbing issues with the shower that they worked on.

003 (2)This tub is bigger and deeper than the old but takes up a bit less space.

004 (2)They were kind enough to make it so that we could still shower each day since it’s our only one in the house.

007 (2)The job site foremen did a great job inspecting the work.

009 (2) Then they started tiling the floor. 012 (3)Next it was time to tile the shower.013 (3) 014 (3)The original decorative tile we selected turned out to be brittle and hard to work with due to the variations in size but we made a last minute switch to this tile.

016 (3) 017 (3) 018 (2)Then they painted a very light gray color on the wall and started installing all the new fixtures.

019 (2)The new sink and vanity are taller and more narrow giving more space to move in the room.021 (2)This is our water efficient toilet.022 (2)The shower head is up higher to accommodate Mike’s height.023 (2) 026 (2) 028I love this light over the sink but it’s been challenging to find bulbs that fit it.010There’s a new fan and overhead light.011

And glass shower doors that make the room seem even bigger.002 004

And this is the entire room. 006 Here’s a side by side comparison.  Before and AfterIt’s amazing how much bigger and lighter our bathroom seems. I am so glad we were able to do this. We intentionally chose the white, gray and black colors so any linens can match. And now we just need to find bright colored towels and bathmats that will look best in this room.