New Kitchen Counters!

We moved into our house over five years ago and I’ve never been a fan of our kitchen counters.  They were so awful: dark and green and Formica. And the sink was some weird material that just never looked clean.  We have beautiful cabinets which were a huge selling point but those counters just had to go.

Today was finally the day!  Mike took off from work and we got new counters! (He also put new carpet in our laundry room since it got ruined in a sewer back up incident a month and a half ago.)

When I came home, this is what I saw: beautiful, creamy Quartz!

Next we’ll update the kitchen cabinet hardware and the face plates so we eliminate some of the evil brass in this house.  Eventually we’ll get a new floor.  But the new counters immediately make the room brighter and I think it made dinner taste even better!