Finished Project: Lemongrass

Finished Lemongrass sweaterCheck it out.  An actual finished project!  I finished knitting my Lemongrass sweater  back in May.  It just needed to be blocked and I had to sew on the buttons.  But where’s the incentive to do that when you finish a sweater when summer is coming? So it was finished this week.

Lemongrass sweaterI used Austermann Murano which is a bulky self-striping yarn.  It’s now discontinued so I got it at a discount. I purposefully made my yarn selection because as my first real sweater, I wasn’t confident I’d even get through it or that I’d even want to wear it.

side of my LemongrassBut I did and I do because the pattern is so well written and easy to follow.  I love the cable pattern down the front and the way the sides come together with buttons. The only changes I made were to the stitch used to increase for the arms and putting two buttons on each side.

So I’m pretty pleased with my big warm bulky sweater and even though I’m sad to see summer go, at least I can look forward to getting to wear this new sweater that I knit myself.

Lemongrass sweater


9 thoughts on “Finished Project: Lemongrass

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  2. The sweater is beautiful. I was wondering if you could help me set up the set up round and round one… It is the second time I have tried? I am confused when I get to the RCI then I slip the marker and do 3 LCI? Then the next marker for RCI…Which leaves the last marker with no increases??? Also Going from 90 stitches to 250 stitches before I just knit the front is going to take more then 18 rounds at 6 increases every other round>>>Help. Thanks

    • This was definitely the more confusing part of the instructions because you need to keep referring back to the correct instructions for those increases (which I didn’t do by the way because the cable increases didn’t look right so mine are regular M1R and M1L) and the basket weave cable pattern. But I think what you might be confusing is that you do everything within the stars three times, not just the RCI.

      For each row 1, there are 8 increases. Start with an LCI, some other instructions, then repeat the starred section three times which includes an RCI and an LCI (6 increases), more instructions and end with an RCI.

      Also, you repeat rows 1 and 2 19 times. So that’s 38 additional rows. You’ve started with 90 stitches then added 8 when you knit rows 1 and 2. Then you repeat them both 19 times adding 8 stitches every time you repeat row 1. That’s another 142 stitches. 90 + 8 + 142 is your 250.

      I am not good at writing out explanations so I’m sorry if that came off mean or something. Just trying to be as clear and helpful as possible. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d love to see it when you finish!

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