Visiting Purl Soho

A couple weekends ago I visited my friend Elena who lives in New Jersey.  We decided to go into the city for a night.  While we were there our plan was to explore, take pictures, and eat delicious food.

During our explorations, we visited Purl Soho.

Purl Soho Store FrontI’ve only knit one of their patterns before but I admire their patterns regulary and read their blog.  I love their color choices and the style of their finished pieces.

Purl SohoTheir shop is filled with color.  And since I am a knitting nerd, seeing their samples in person was almost like spotting a celebrity.

I was able to control myself and only buy one skein of yarn.  I got their Line Weight in Desert Blue so that I can knit their Hat to Match for myself.

Purl Soho Line Weight


7 thoughts on “Visiting Purl Soho

  1. Love the yarn you picked.

    I try not to go there too often; I’m already having stash-down issues since I broke my 82 day no yarn buying streak! 😀

      • Gyurrrrrrl … between Purl and a fabric store I go to close by there, I’ve been avoiding that place like a plague. But my temptations come from online man. I was able to avoid Webs anniversary sale but Knitpicks got me with Stroll Brights and I ordered some Hawthorne sock yarn from them today. This has got. to. stop! 😀

        • Oh my god. I am in the same space. Do you know how many times I was I have gone to the Webs site? Cascade 220 is so inexpensive and so useful. But I keep telling myself it’s not a good deal if I don’t knit it.

          • Cascade 220 is my Webs kryptonite! I behaved with them but went crazy with Knitpicks. Now I feel like I have to ignore all threads, emails or blog posts talking about new lines. I have to knit this stuff rather than collect. Arggggggggggggggggggh!!!!

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