Finished Project: Izzy’s Hooded Dog Sweater

Each year my group of friends organizes a secret gift exchange. We try to do it a bit earlier than Christmas and we call it Secret Turkey.  When I got my pick, my friend Gigi, I was excited to see that she said that her new dog Pepper needed a sweater!

I found Izzy’s Hooded Dog Sweater on Ravelry and just happened to have some Paton’s Shetland Chunky in my stash.

This was a quick knit with very clear instructions. I knit one sleeve and then ripped it out. I was a bit nervous that it wasn’t even going to fit and the thought of having to get little dog legs in the sleeve seemed like a challenge. Maybe that’s because I have cats who don’t let us put anything on them.

However, even without the sleeves, it worked out perfectly! Pepper fits in her sweater.

Pepper SweaterPepper in a hoodieNow if only our cats were as welcoming to clothing as dogs.


6 thoughts on “Finished Project: Izzy’s Hooded Dog Sweater

  1. Cute as a button! The sweater turned out great! Super color for her and she looks so proud wearing it! I have a small poochie I will have to check out the sweater patter! Merry Christmas to you and yours Lauren!

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