Two-Cheese Mac and Cheese

Last night we ended up making a side dish mostly based on Cooking Light’s Two-Cheese Mac and Cheese.

We made a few changes to the recipe that turned out great.  First, we used a pound of mini penne since we had that on hand.  Even though we had six extra ounces of pasta, we didn’t up the amount of liquid.  We did double the cream cheese though to get a creamier sauce and mixed the cheddar right into the sauce without worrying about broiling it at the end.

Two-cheese mac and cheeseI don’t think I ever used a mostly broth based sauce to make macaroni and cheese before and it was so good.  Sauteing the garlic in the beginning added so much flavor.  And as you can see, it was still very creamy and saucy even though we didn’t increase the liquids.

two-cheese mac and cheese sideIt ended up being a great side dish and the leftovers made a tasty dinner tonight, too.


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