Winding more efficiently

A little over a year ago, I wondered how you wind your yarn. Starting a new project meant spending time winding yarn with my knees.

But not anymore because Mike got me a swift and a yarn ball winder!

Yesterday I wound up a few cakes of yarn just to try it out and I love it.  Here is some worsted weight yarn I got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  The plan is to turn it into these footies.

Yarn cake

And this yarn is on deck for this shrug.

Swift  Yarn ball winder winding yarnThis was a really nice gift and I can already tell  it will get a lot of use.


6 thoughts on “Winding more efficiently

  1. Yarn winders are fantastic – do be careful though, they can twist the yarn against it’s natural twist and unravel it slightly. I’m not a spinner so not using the correct terminology but I hope you know what I mean.

  2. I’m jelly… I’m still winding yarn using my knees. 🙂 And at the local yarn shop (were if you buy from there, they let you use their winder) they pull some of the yarn out from the swifter with their index finger and help buffer the tension from the winder that way.

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