My card catalog keeps getting better

It’s rare that a piece of furniture can excite me this much.  But my card catalog has really made organizing so many things so much better.

Card catalog

I thought that after I put the yarn and jewelry in it, it’d be a while until I found a use for all those empty drawers. But then the other day, I realized it’d be the perfect place for my nail polish.

card catalog nail polish storageIn the last month, I’ve accumulated a lot more nail polish because of a Christmas gift and also a great sale on Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I kept it all in a toiletry bag in the linen closet and when I went to polish my nails, which I try to do weekly, I’d dump the bag and pick through the colors.

But not anymore.  I can see it all clearly lined up. I just had to remove the inserts I made for the drawers so they fit and there is plenty room for more in those two drawers.

nail polish card catalog drawer

nail polish in card catalog

I still have plenty of empty drawers and I’ll keep thinking of ways to organize.  It’s really nice how something so simple can make me so happy.


9 thoughts on “My card catalog keeps getting better

  1. Oh my goodness I am so jealous! I grew up in the library as a kid and remember card catalogs fondly. I would be so thrilled to find one! I read your other post and I think I’m going to start looking through Craigslist listings in my area now too.

  2. Smashing! I don’t dare to show this to my 14-year-old daughter…she would go nuts hunting down these drawers for her enormous stash of nail polish and make ups! Don’t ask me why a teenager needs so much make up.

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