First finished project of the new year: Fingerless Mitts

When we were in Savannah, the yarn we picked up was for Mike.  He request fingerless gloves and so I began searching for something to make for him once we were home.

One of my friends had made Camp Out Fingerless Mitts for herself and they turned out great. So I modified the pattern for Mike’s giant hands and this week I finished the second one.  He loves them.

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts


My card catalog keeps getting better

It’s rare that a piece of furniture can excite me this much.  But my card catalog has really made organizing so many things so much better.

Card catalog

I thought that after I put the yarn and jewelry in it, it’d be a while until I found a use for all those empty drawers. But then the other day, I realized it’d be the perfect place for my nail polish.

card catalog nail polish storageIn the last month, I’ve accumulated a lot more nail polish because of a Christmas gift and also a great sale on Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I kept it all in a toiletry bag in the linen closet and when I went to polish my nails, which I try to do weekly, I’d dump the bag and pick through the colors.

But not anymore.  I can see it all clearly lined up. I just had to remove the inserts I made for the drawers so they fit and there is plenty room for more in those two drawers.

nail polish card catalog drawer

nail polish in card catalog

I still have plenty of empty drawers and I’ll keep thinking of ways to organize.  It’s really nice how something so simple can make me so happy.

2012 Knitting Recap

It’s really fun for me to look at all my projects from this past year.  Compared to 2011, I knit a few less items, but as a whole, I’m impressed with what I accomplished.

2012 knitsStarting from the top left here are the links to their project pages.

1. Super Simple Baby Tunic  2. DNA Scarf  3. Honey Cowl  4. Bow Headband  5. Cozy Cap  6. Augustine Shawlette  7. Owlie Hat  8. Nittany Lion Hat  9. Short and Sweet Earflap Hat  10.  Sunday Market Shawl  11. Inspira Cowl  12. My So Called Scarf  13. Dolores Park Cowl  14. Knitted Reading Glasses Lanyard  15. Dolores Park Cowl  16. Owlie Sleep Sack  17. Lady Godiva Cowl

As for those goals I set up last year, I’m never doing that again.  Two of the three things on my needles are still on my needles but I am not ready to frog them just yet.  And of the four items I wanted to knit, I managed to do one of them twice. I’m much better at deciding as I go because what I want and who gets gifts sort of gets decided along the way.