Update on two finished projects

I recently finished two projects that I’ve not yet posted pictures of here.

The first was a Sunday Market Shawl for the Secret Santa with my Bring Your Own Craft friends.

Sunday Market Shawl

This pattern is awesome and I will probably use it again and again.  You get so much bang for your buck and it’s quick.  One skein of worsted weight Araucania Nature Wool and two weeks later it was done.  And it might have gone even faster if during those two weeks we weren’t traveling for Thanksgiving and our trip to Charleston and Savannah.  I just can’t say enough about this pattern.

The second finished project is my Lady Godiva Cowl made from yarn I got in Charleston. The pictures aren’t great but it is a nice, festive looking cowl.

Lady Godiva Cowl Close up of Lady Godiva Cowl

By the way, I am never buying novelty yarn ever again.  Or at least not for a very long time.


3 thoughts on “Update on two finished projects

  1. This is soooo beautiful!! Is it possible to get the pattern for this? I searched the internet and Ravelry and then saw it was your personal pattern. Happy to pay!!

    • I probably didn’t enter it properly but I actually got it with the yarn. And someone already requested it so I just gave them the paper. But, I bet you could call the yarn store in Charleston and order it from them. It was called Knit. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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