Yarn from Charleston and Savannah

On our trip a couple weeks ago, I made sure that there were some local yarn store visits as a part of our plans.

In Charleston, we stopped at Knit. While I shopped around, Mike sat down and spent some time with the Schnauzers that were in the store.

They had a huge selection of yarns and everything was organized by weight.  Usually I try to buy something local to commemorate the visit but they didn’t have that much in the store while we were there. I looked at some of the store samples and decided to buy something completely out of the ordinary for me.

Alp Exquisite is a novelty yarn made with 30% cotton, 30% polyamid, 14% merino, 10% cashmere, 6% baby alpaca, and 5% kid mohair.

Alp Exquisite by Feza Yarns

The pattern that came with the yarn is for a cowl that changes stitches every time the yarn changes.  I thought this would be pretty to wear for Christmas and decided to get it.  Knitting with it is kind of weird.  I’m not so sure I’ll be getting any more yarn like this any time soon, but I am loving the results.  If today goes as planned, I should have it finished tonight.

Alp Exquisite Cowl

In Savannah we went to The Frayed Knot.

The Frayed Knot Store Front 564

This store was much smaller than the one in Charleston but I loved it.  The people working inside were really friendly and pointed us to yarns from The Copper Corgi Fiber Studio made in Savannah.  Mike selected this colorway of a worsted weight yarn called Bloody ‘ell and has requested fingerless gloves.

Copper Corgi Bloody 'ell


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