Day four in Wadmalaw Island, SC and Savannah, GA

We woke up on Thursday and drove for about half hour to get to Wadmalaw Island. Our day started at the Charleston Tea Plantation.

Charleston Tea Plantation

We watched a fifteen minute video in the factory that gave a brief overview of the tea growing, harvesting and manufacturing process.

Charleston Tea Plantation Factory

Then we got on a trolley for a tour of the plantation. This is the only tea plantation in the country and they are starting to distribute more widely.

Charleston Tea Plantation Field Charleston Tea Plantation field and tree Charleston Tea Plantation Driveway

We sampled some tea and bought some to bring home before we made our way to our next stop on the island the Firefly Distillery.

Firefly DistilleryThe distillery is at Irvin House Vineyards, the only winery in South Carolina. But we decided to bypass the wine in favor of checking out the distillery since they use tea from the plantation we’d just visited.

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

They offer a tasting for just $6 a person and you get to keep your shot glass.  We got to try six different products from a list of various vodkas, rums, bourbon and liquor. Since I was the driver, I really only had super small tastes but a lot of it was really good.  Some of the flavors were a little too sweet for me. We left with a bottle of sweet tea vodka and sweet tea bourbon.

Firefly Distillery Tasting

We arrived in Savannah in the late afternoon and relaxed at our hotel before heading out to dinner at 17hundred90.

17hundred90This restaurant came recommended from one of the people we met earlier in the week and it had a cozy tavern feel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take pictures of any of our dinners in Savannah.

As I had mentioned before, when researching for the trip, I found that both Charleston and Savannah have a lot of night tours.  Savannah is especially big on ghost tours so we booked one for this night.  We finally had decided to go with the Boos and Brews tour since it was rated the city’s best ghost tour by Southern Living.

Savannah doesn’t have an open container law, so we were to meet the group at McDonough’s Irish Pub & Restaurant to grab drinks and go.  It ended up that Mike and I were the only people on the tour.  I think it could have been so fun if we were part of a group.  But instead, we toured the city in the dark with a woman who told us ghost stories and encouraged us to keep taking pictures to try and capture a ghost.

We were good sports about it and we passed many other tours that also looked lightly attended.  But it was fun to talk with this woman who was born in Savannah.

We saw a cemetery.Savannah Cemetery

Old police cars.

Savannah old police car

Passed through many of the squares.

Tomo Chi Chi Monument

And in reviewing our pictures, I think we maybe got a ghost in Wright Square? Do you see it?  In the tree?  It’s an orb!  I don’t know if it is a real ghost though.  She did tell us a story about people being hung in these trees so I guess anything is possible.

Ghost in Wright Square

We passed by City Hall.

Savannah City Hall

And we ended up at Moon River Brewing Company where we went into the basement and upper levels to hear the history of the space and learn about it’s ghosts.

Moon River Brewing Moon River Brewing Two

I’d totally do a ghost tour like this again but I’d definitely make sure we’re with a group.


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