Day three in Charleston, SC

On our last full day in Charleston, we started with breakfast at Hominy Grill.

Hominy Grill

Hominy Grill Mug

Mike got the big nasty biscuit which had fried chicken and cheddar on it with sausage gravy.

Big Nasty Biscuit

I had huevos rancheros which was two poached eggs, black beans, rice and salsa on a tortilla.

Huevos Rancheros

And because all that savory clearly needed to be followed by something sweet, we got the ginger pumpkin bread to share.  It must have been broiled or toasted or something.  It was perfect.

Ginger pumpkin bread

After breakfast we drove to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. The biggest attraction here is the USS Yorktown, a decommissioned aircraft carrier.

USS Yorktown

Mike was in the Navy and was on a submarine so checking out the USS Clamagore was the first place we stopped. Although this was a diesel sub, a lot of it the equipment, the layout and the accommodations were similar to Mike’s sub. We spent at least an hour inside as he explained things to me both in terms of his job and what life was like living underwater.

USS Clamagore

The first thing he explained was the Steinke Hood, a device used to save yourself from a sinking submarine. As if the thought of sinking isn’t bad enough, imagine this scary looking thing being your savior.

Steinke Hood

We started in the torpedo room and made our way through the sub.

torpedo room submarine

They had these recruitment posters on the wall.

he joined the submarine service train today while you fight for tomorrow

I learned how the bathrooms worked.

sub bathroom

They named their engines.

engine gonzales engine runner

It’s been a while since these instruments were calibrated.

last calibration in the seventies

This was the center line of the sub hung over the doorway.

center line

Then we boarded the USS Yorktown and visited the Medal of Honor Museum before going all over the aircraft carrier.

USS Yorktown

Ye Olde Torpedo Shop When I got home on leave HelicopterFinally, we visited the USS Laffey, a destroyer which had been attacked by Japanese bombers and kamikazes in WWII.

We drove back to Charleston and spent the afternoon walking through various alleys and streets checking out the homes and gardens.

Charleston wall Charleston building fascade Charleston gate and post Charleston window boxes St. Michael's cemetery Charleston City Hall Philadelphia alley in Charleston Charleston Building

And we stopped along the way for some drinks and something to eat at the Southend Brewery.

Southend Brewery and Smokehouse

That night we had dinner at Poogan’s Porch.

Poogan's PorchMike started with the fried alligator salad with pickled sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and honey jalapeno dressing.

Fried aligator salad

I think my spinach salad was a special that night.  It had brie, apple and tomatoes with a bacon vinaigrette.

Salad with brie and apple

I chose the plantation fried chicken stuffed with smoked gouda, spicy collards and country ham for my entree. It came with whipped potatoes, green beans and a Texas Pete jus.Plantation fried chicken

Mike got the hand cut pork chop which was grilled with apple butter and served with brussels sprouts and smoked bacon sweet potato hash.

Hand cut pork chop

For dessert, Mike got the chocolate pecan pie.

Pecan Pie Poogan


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