Day two in Charleston, SC

On Tuesday, we had plans to visit Fort Sumter.

Fort Sumter sign

It was a twenty minute or so boat ride out to the island where the Civil War officially began. We passed by Charleston on the ride down the Cooper River.

Charleston from the Cooper River

The park ranger gave us a history of the fort and explained the beginning of the war before we could just wander around and check out the fort.

118 128 157 166 175

It was nice to ride on the boat and I guess it was cool to see Fort Sumter but this was probably my least favorite part of the trip.

After we returned to shore, we were really hungry and ready to get lunch. Mike had mentioned that since we were in South Carolina he’d really like to have some barbecue so we walked over to Nick’s Bar-B-Q on King Street.

Nick's Bar-B-Q

I got the Beef Brisket sandwich with a side of mac and cheese.

Beef Brisket with Mac and Cheese

Mike got the Double Decker which was pulled pork and beef brisket with a side of fries. We each got a corn biscuit which was sweet and cheesy.

The Double Decker

During lunch it had started to rain so we wandered around town stopping in various places. We walked through the Charleston City Market.

Charleston City Market

And when the rain got heavier, we decided to stop in the Confederate Museum.  This place was packed with memorabilia from the Civil War and everyday life.  It was almost overwhelming to look at all the stuff they filled the walls and cabinets with like scraps of material and buttons and papers.

Confederate Museum Charleston

Earlier that day, Mike had also mentioned a desire to get chicken and waffles so it was very appropriate that the concierge at our hotel recommended Lowcountry Bistro for dinner that night.
Lowcountry Bistro

I started with she crab soup.

She Crab Soup

Mike got a special which was a pumpkin and sweet potato salad with a side of greens and blue cheese.

Lowcountry appetizer

Mike had the chicken and waffles – a sweet potato bacon corn bread waffle, crispy half bone-in chicken, pecan butter, bourbon reduction – which was fantastic.

Chicken and waffles

And I decided to get their shrimp and grits which also had fried green tomatoes.  The portion was huge and I maybe got through half. It was good but I am definitely not a shrimp and grits girl.

shrimp and grits

Mike got chocolate pie for dessert and the few bites I had were rich and delicious.  I totally want to get marshmallow fluff now and serve it like this on all desserts.

chocolate pie

While I was researching stuff to do on our trip, I learned that both Charleston and Savannah have a lot of different tour companies and a lot of them have night tours. Many of them are ghost tours, which I’ll get to later in the week, but on this night, we decided to do The Dark Side of Charleston tour.

Bulldog Tours

Our tour guide was Stephen and he took us and four other people around telling us stories of grave robberies, drunken sailors, brothels and corruption. We had a really great group and we all had a lot of fun despite the rain.

Charleston Cemetery at night

Here’s St. Michael’s Church at night.

St. Michael's Church

And this building used to house a very high end brothel.

Former Brothel



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