Finished an Owlie Gift Set

My friend Jenna has a baby due to arrive on Christmas day.  Later this week, this adorable set will be arriving in the mail at her house so she has it ready for her new baby.

I knit both the Owlie Sleep Sack and a matching Owlie Cable Hat in Cascade 220 Superwash.

I stuck with the pattern for the most part for the sleep sack, except I knit the body to fourteen inches.  Here it is before blocking.  The cables needed to be better defined but otherwise, it was great.

And here it is finished.

With the hat, I made a few more modifications. Because I wanted it to match the sack exactly, I used a US 7 needle and changed to four purls between each owl. I think it turned out great too and as you can see, it just need a little blocking to make it perfect.

And here it is finished.  It’s definitely a bigger than newborn sized hat, but this way one gift will be able to be used for a little bit longer.

I’m so excited for my friend to get it and then see it on her new baby!


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