1.5 Finished Projects

I say 1.5 because one of them really didn’t turn out how it’s supposed to and it’s not going to be able to be used for it’s intended purpose.

The first project turned out great and it’s recipient is a secret.  So if the person who will be getting it (a secret gift exchange among my friends) reads this, they’ll get a sneak preview.

This is My So Called Scarf made in Austermann Murano.  It was a quick knit which produced a nice, heavy fabric.  I love how the colors stripe in this yarn.

Here is my disaster.  It was supposed to be for a silent auction to raise money for scholarships for Penn State students but I can’t really expect that anyone would pay money for this hat.

I was so pleased with how it looked until I finished and both Mike and I tried it on.  It did something like this on both of our heads.

So I gave it a nice cold soak and tried to stretch it.  Which sort of worked on some of it but it’s still much too tight at the very top.

The wraps look nice inside.  It’s a shame they are too tight.

But I know it will fit a small kid head so it will get some use.

That’s okay but this is a learning experience.  I just think to raise money for scholarships, this would be a nice way for me to contribute, so I’ll try again for the future. Things I’ll do differently would include making the hat top so the decreases aren’t in the middle of the logo.  I might also try knitting it flat.


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