Welcoming Willie to the Family

A few weeks ago we welcomed a new kitten to our house.

We first met her in June at Wiscoy when we were picking up food for Chica and Butler. The Hundred Cat Foundation was hosting an event and they had a bunch of kittens there along with many volunteers introducing them to people at the store. They regularly have cats at the store for adoption.

At the time, she was called Ashley and she was found with a really bad eye infection that made her very weak. If they didn’t cure the infection, they were afraid she would die but removing the eye was also dangerous as they weren’t sure she would make it through surgery because of her weakened state.  Obviously she survived. Both Mike and I held her and she was so adorable and snugly.

Over the next few weeks we talked about her on and off and I checked their adoption site to see if someone finally took her in.  At the very end of July, they posted a picture of her on their Facebook page and we talked about her more and decided to visit again just in case we had to have her.

It turns out we did and on August 10th we brought her home. We renamed her Wilhelmina, Willie for short, like the pirate in Goonies.

She lived in the laundry room for her first day and a half at home to ensure a smoother transition with Chica and Butler.

She met her new brother and sister under the door.

And Chica and Butler waited patiently on the other side. As you can see, we rubbed Willie’s scent on various rags and towels and had them all throughout the house so that they could get used to having her smell around.

And then finally, it was time to meet.

Chica took a day or two to warm up and hissed at her constantly. Through this process, we assume that Chica is in charge around here.  Butler, on the other hand, went right up to her and began to chase her around and play.

By day four, Chica and Willie were buddies and everyone was mostly adjusted again.

They watch as we leave for work in the morning.

And they play a lot. In this video, all those noises are Chica’s and I promise they are happy sounds.

Willie is a very welcome addition to our household.  She is so sweet and cute.



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