Yarn from the Farmers’ Market

I believe it was Monday when I was telling Mike that I was in pretty good shape with yarn and wouldn’t need to buy anymore unless I was making a gift for someone.

Then on Tuesday we got to go to the Boalsburg Farmers’ Market. We normally miss this market since it’s from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM but we’re on vacation this week and had plenty of time that afternoon. We got a lot of great produce and while we were looking around, we noticed one of the vendors had yarn at his table among other great things. So I guess I lied because I needed this yarn.  I’ve not yet found any yarn made right where I live so it would have been wrong to bypass the table.

Tamarack Farm is located in Centre County and they raise Icelandic and Merino Sheep. The yarn I chose is a natural color, a rich chocolatey brown, in a sport weight.  I got a little over 400 yards because in the moment I couldn’t really choose and was trying to match it with a pattern.  But really, if I need more once I choose a pattern, I can get some since they are right here.


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