London Broil Marinade

There hasn’t been a lot of cooking posts recently because for a month or more, we’ve been doing this thing where we grill up a bunch of something and then eat it on salad all week.  It’s simple, quick and delicious.

Once upon a time, we regularly used bottled marinades from the grocery store but lately they’ve just tasted gross. Now, we usually make a marinade with some olive oil, citrus and fresh herbs and it keeps us happy for many meals.

Last week we decided to grill a London broil and I found this simple, but delicious marinade in my Martha Stewart magazine.

We don’t keep much soda in the house anymore and if we do, it’s diet, so we bought a little 16 ounce bottle of Coke to make this marinade and put the London broil in the mixture of soda, red wine vinegar, garlic and onion before work.

The meat was tender and sweet and turned out perfect for a few nights of salads.

Afterward we had a half a Coke to drink and we couldn’t believe how sweet it was.  How did we ever drink that on a regular basis?


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