New Malabrigo

Here’s how it happened.  Earlier this week I needed US 15 DPNs.  I thought maybe I could just go to Michael’s and pick them up. So I decided I should get US 13 DPNs at the same time.  And then I decided that I should just buy the needles for $5 in Paris also since I am going to knit that at some point.

Michael’s was a bust. They had nothing.  I was even considering just buying the Caron Simply Soft that this sweater calls for but their selection was pretty much gone. So I left defeated but I knew I wouldn’t have any free time to make it to my local yarn store to check out their needle selection. I actually started a different project because I had the stuff for it on hand and decided to just wait on the hat that called for the US 15 DPNs.

Then I decided to just order what I needed from WEBS. And since I was already paying for shipping and handling, I decided to treat myself to some yarn that I really didn’t need. And that’s how I wound up with two skeins of Malabrigo Finito.

I first noticed this yarn in my Facebook newsfeed when The Loopy Ewe got it in stock and I was intrigued by the description.

The luxurious Malabrigo Finito comes from the finest Uruguay wool available and only comes to market once a year in limited quantities.

And after knitting up some Malabrigo Chunky for my latest Dolores Park Cowl, I knew I had to take advantage of this once a year opportunity.

I love the feel of this yarn and the colorway I chose, Glitter, isn’t glittery at all but earthy and rich.  I wonder what this might become.


5 thoughts on “New Malabrigo

  1. I know how that happens. I go to the yarn store for one thing and come out with three things. Enjoy your new yarn.. Its gorgeous 🙂 Judy

  2. First, you always need yarn. Second, if your going to fall down it might as well be onto some Malabrigo. It provides a great landing place.

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