How do you wind?

I don’t have a swift or a yarn ball winder.  I am not really that interested in getting them either.

I have a great method that works pretty well for me.

I decided to wind my yarn for my Augustine Shawlette while I watched the Jersey Shore reunion show the other night.

It’s probably not as quick as using a swift and a yarn ball winder.

This yarn is Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk and Silver and it’s about 420 yards. It took about twenty five minutes but I was watching TV the whole time.

A couple months ago I was told that Kraemer stopped using silver in this yarn because the prices were too high.  But I think I’m pretty lucky because my skein is old enough that it still has silver in it.

I cast on the Augustine Shawlette last night and only did a small bit.  It’s going to be a fun pattern.


6 thoughts on “How do you wind?

  1. I have a ball winder but not a swift, so getting things from skein to ball is usually pretty difficult for me. To make matters worse, I currently also have hyperactive kittens, who think it’s their patriotic duty to attack string whenever it moves. If they ever grow out of that phase, I’ll be able to go back to winding the way I did before, which is pretty similar to how you do it here.

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