I have this bad knitting habit

I am making great progress on the DNA Scarf.

Tonight I should finish up the tenth pattern repeat and start on the eleventh (hopefully).  Tomorrow night I’ll have a lot of knitting time and finish the eleventh and will see if I have enough yarn for a twelfth repeat.

Even thought it’s taking me a while to knit, it’s totally worth it.  It’s such an interesting pattern and the DNA cables look great.

So I’ve fallen into bad habits.  Even though I have a few other projects I’d like to finish like my honey cowl and Fishtail Lace Scarf, I started looking through patterns on Ravelry with my stash in mind.

I keep thinking about how sparkly and pretty this yarn is and how I need a pretty shawl made out of it’s loveliness.

And I found what I think will be the perfect pattern. The Augustine Shawlette stuck out and I kept going back and forth and telling myself to be patient. I love the way it drapes and the way it can be worn loose like a shawl or tighter like a scarf.

My curiosity got the best of me and I had to read the pattern.  So I bought the pattern the other night just so I could read it.

I clearly cannot start this project but I couldn’t help myself.  It’s such a bad habit because there is so much joy in actually wearing the finished objects and I can’t keep tempting myself with new projects.

I guess there are worse habits.


4 thoughts on “I have this bad knitting habit

  1. The scarf looks wonderful! I think we’re all guilty of looking at, and even starting, new projects before we’ve finished current WIPs. I congratulated myself yesterday on getting down to one current project …. and then I cast on a sweater in the evening!

    The Augustine shawlette looks really intriguing – thanks for sharing your discovery. I’ve added it to my queue!

    • Thank you! I suspect it’s probably a habit of all knitters (and all people who just really enjoy doing something). I just have to remember that I like finishing projects too.

      I can’t wait to start that shawlette.

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