Kasha and Bowties

Mike was away for the weekend and one of my favorite things to do when he goes away is to surprise him with some kind of dinner that he can smell as soon as he walks through the door. Today I decided to use the crockpot since we haven’t used it once this winter.

I decided to go with a simple pot roast. I made it with carrots, onions and mushrooms and threw in a packet of onion soup mix and a large can of condensed tomato soup. The special part of this dinner was that instead of making potatoes, which would be my traditional pot roast side dish, I made a big batch of kasha and bowties.

Kasha is just buckwheat and it’s simple to make by just following the directions on the box. You boil some kind of liquid (I mixed some chicken broth and water since I didn’t have enough broth) with butter and pour it over the kasha which has been toasted in a coating of egg.  The kasha then cooks, absorbing the liquid, becoming light and fluffy. And then you just pour it over the farfalle (bowties) and mix it up.  A lot of people have onion in their recipes but I’m so picky about how I like my onions so I omit it.

The kasha is nutty and really compliments the pasta well.  It tastes great with all the pot roast fixings over top with a bit of the sauce.

This was so good and hearty.  Mike loved it too and could definitely smell it when he came home.  And we have a ton of leftovers which works out perfectly for this week.


3 thoughts on “Kasha and Bowties

  1. I LOVE a slow cooked meal and this looks delish! Great idea with the kasha and bowties – my kids will love that – but don’t know that grain by that name in Australia. Might give it a go with Quinoa.

    Btw, the new yarn stash is looking good – as was the little tour of Lancaster 🙂

    • I think you could look for buckwheat or buckwheat groats. That’s what kasha is pretty much. I think that would be preferably to quinoa because it’s nuttier and heartier.

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