Like I Needed Another WIP?

In the past two days I worked a couple more pattern repeats on my DNA Scarf. This pattern looks so cool but it requires paying attention to what you’re doing since all thirty something rows are completely different and not memorizable.

Last night, Mike and I decided to watch a movie and since all of my current WIPs really require me to pay some kind of attention (okay, not the socks that just need a simple ribbed pattern on the top but they’re in a long hibernation), I figured I might as well just start something new.

About two months ago, my friend Ali sent me this beautiful yarn in a Secret Turkey exchange among a group of friends.

The yarn is Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester DK and it’s from Nova Scotia.  A few weeks ago when I was organizing my stash, I realized that it would be the perfect yarn for a Honey Cowl.  I guess I’ve had that in my mind since then and watching a movie seemed to be the perfect excuse to get started.

I didn’t get far because I had to ball the yarn (I don’t have a swift or a yarn winder so I do this by hand over my legs) and cast on and get started.  But I love how it’s started and it is such an easy pattern.

I cast on 160 stitches to make the in between size cowl and I suspect it might not be as wide as the pictures.  But I can tell this is going to be warm and pretty.

Butler really seems to like it.

Or maybe he just likes that the shade is open and he can see the snow from a safe distance.

And here’s a bonus of both of them. Because Chica was there too.



7 thoughts on “Like I Needed Another WIP?

  1. I checked out the pattern and it’s a really stunning piece. Can’t wait to see yours finished!

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