Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

This recipe is another one from my childhood.  It’s very easy and such a cheat because it uses Bisquick and there is nothing fancy about it at all but it is so cozy and delicious.

My recipe card is a photocopy of my mom’s recipe card. I have no idea where she got it from or how long she’s had it but it’s definitely the kind of recipe that makes me think of an era when housewives were just learning short cut type recipes and cooking for 2.5 kids in their new suburban homes.

If you google the hot fudge pudding cake and Bisquick, it says it’s impossible. I guess what’s impossible is understanding how mixing all these ingredients together creates so much gooey chocolatey pudding. I was explaining to Mike how the recipe turns out (I thought I made it for him but like six or seven years ago but he didn’t remember it) and he kept asking if there was pudding mix in it.  My guess is it’s the hot water but I have no idea how this all works since I’m not a food scientist. But it does and it’s very good.

Most of the fudge is on the bottom so when you spoon it into dishes, you pour it on top.  It’s the best part.

I think we always ate ours with Cool Whip but I haven’t had Cool Whip in years. We’re primarily a whipped cream in a can family these days.



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