Bow Headband

I have this cozy hooded sweater that reminds me of a sock monkey.  It’s made of grey and white yarn and the cuffs and the border around the hood are made of an almost aqua yarn.  The sweater is really not good for anything but napping, knitting and throwing on only when I know I won’t leave the house.  But I love it.

After I finished my honeycomb hat and Lady Kina, I knew that combined, the scraps left could make a project that would remind me of my sweater. I used this bow headband pattern and it knit up really quickly.

It’s just as hideous as my sweater in a cozy, funny kind of way.  It fits snug and it would keep your ears nice and warm in the winter.  And I love the construction of the bow and how it really stands out.  I’m not sure what I am going to do with this but I am really happy that it’s exactly what I wanted.


7 thoughts on “Bow Headband

  1. This is very cute! I am looking to do something similar to this. I just started making the bowties and now I’m trying to figure out how to attach them to any and everything! lol.

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