2011 Project Recap and 2012 Goals

2011 was a really satisfying year in knitting for me. I finished 20 projects.

From right to left starting at the top:

1. Star Crossed Slouchy Beret; 2. Short and Sweet Earflap Hat; 3. Killington Scarf; 4. Stitch DC Infinity Scarf; 5. “Spring” Baby Headband; 6. Sunday Market Shawl; 7. Cable Braided Necklace; 8. Pretty Twisted; 9. Saartje’s Bottees; 10. Quick Cable Slouch Hat;
11. Short and Sweet Earflap Hat; 12. Baktus Scarf; 13. Alice in Wonderland Gloves;
14. Boneyard Shawl; 15. Sun Kissed Neckwarmer; 16. Honeycomb Hat; 17. Easy Cable Headband; 18. Short and Sweet Earflap Hat; 19. Berry Baby Hat; 20. Lady Kina

I am almost finished with my Bow Headband and it should be my first finished project of 2012. I’d also like to finish a few projects that are currently on my needles:

1. Fishtail Lace Scarf; 2. One Row Lace Scarf; 3. DNA Scarf

And start (and finish) a few other projects from my Ravelry queue:

1. MC2; 2. $5 in Paris; 3. Shalom Cardigan; 4. Dolores Park Cowl

There will be other projects and hopefully this will be a prolific knitting year.



9 thoughts on “2011 Project Recap and 2012 Goals

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