Finished: Quick Cable Slouch Hat

It wasn’t finished as quickly as I’d hoped but my Quick Cable Slouch Hat took me a little over two weeks to knit. But in all fairness, most of it was completed last Saturday.

I used a US 8 and a US 11 to make the hat like the notes suggest and it actually fits my head (which is abnormally big, I think) and has good slouch to it.  I blocked it on Sunday and I was out of town most of this week. So here it is finally.

I used a surprise ball of Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed.  There are two more where that came from and it was such a treat.  I was borrowing some things from Jenn and when I looked in the bag, I was surprised to find yarn!  It really did make my day.

Here is the hat as I blocked it on a dinner plate.

And this is the finished hat.  The pictures were horrible so this is as good as it gets.  The gloomy gray snowy day didn’t help.  But you get the idea.

This one is going to my mom who requested a hat like this a while ago and my first attempt didn’t fit the best.  We’re going to swap and I’ll take that first hat and give it to a deserving child or a woman with a really small head.


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