Yarn Garden in Carlisle, PA

Last week when I was traveling, I had some time to kill before an appointment. I quickly googled yarn stores and discovered the Yarn Garden in Carlisle, PA.

The parking meter in front of the store has been yarn bombed. In fact, there were a few others along the street too.

I loved this yarn shop so much. They had so many great yarns and the way they were displayed was perfect. It was bright and welcoming inside the shop.

A really fun coincidence is that the owner is the aunt of one of the women in the group I knit with!  I knew she had an aunt that owned a store but I wasn’t confident that this was it so I didn’t ask. But we chatted a little as I checked out and sure enough, it was her.

I bought a little more yarn than I probably needed to but I just really liked it here and saw a lot of stuff that was new to me.  To be fair, some of it was on sale.

I got this skein of High Society Sock Yarn. The colorway is called Childhood and it appeals the part of me that loves all things rainbow. Also, the woman who dyes this yarn lives in Harrisburg so it’s nice to try something almost local.

I also got two skeins of Sheep 3 Yarn. Sheep Shop Yarn is no longer in business so all their yarn is discontinued which is a shame because I can tell I’m going to love this yarn. It has a nice shine to it and it’s very soft to the touch. I’m always so quick to buy a fingering weight yarn on the fly but I want to start diversifying my stash and this sport weight yarn is a perfect addition.

I also got a skein of fingering weight Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk and Silver. This is a Pennsylvania yarn made in Nazareth.

I don’t normally buy anything like this but there is actual silver spun into the yarn and it has a slight sparkle to it that is so interesting. Here you can see it up close.

I was so excited with my finds and I can’t wait to find the perfect patterns for these yarns. I wish I had more time to knit so I can keep getting great yarns.


6 thoughts on “Yarn Garden in Carlisle, PA

  1. I love to visit local yarn stores when I travel and it looks like you found some great yarn 🙂

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