Knitting Nerd

There are so many interesting patterns available for knitters.  And so many of them appeal to the nerdy side of knitters.

The only finished object that I’ve made that I think falls into this category was a request from Mike. He loved Firefly and insisted I’d like it too so we spent the better part of a couple of days watching the series and ending with the movie Serenity. He was right that it was really good and shows that deal with outer space and other worlds normally aren’t my thing.

A few years later when I started knitting again, he requested his very own Jayne Cobb hat. Little did I know that so many people want this same hat. After searching through Ravelry and finding many patterns, I settled on this pattern by Dryope.

I have some other great nerd patterns in my queue that I really hope to get to make some day.

There’s the DNA Scarf that I think my dad would love.

And the Knitting in Biology 101 which reminds me of science class in seventh grade when we dissected a frog for the first time.

Am I missing any other great nerd knits?


4 thoughts on “Knitting Nerd

  1. There’s also a ton of Dr. Who scarves and Tardis patterns for everything under the sun. And the Harry Potter Gryffindor scarves (and other house patterns too of course). Yay nerd knitting!

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