Rosie’s Yarn Cellar

I had some free time before a meeting the other day and found myself walking around Center City Philadelphia. I love Philadelphia.  I know I have a bias because I grew up there and have a lot of great memories of doing things all over the area but it just makes me so happy when I am there.  I just like the buildings and the row homes and the streets.

After walking around for a bit, I googled to see if there were any yarn shops nearby and I discovered Rosie’s Yarn Cellar near Rittenhouse Square.

The store was so cute and the people that worked there were so friendly.  The store just had a great vibe.  I could be in big trouble if I lived in the area because it was just so inviting.

I decided to buy one skein of yarn and looked around for a bit before settling on Schoppel-Wolle Pur.

This is a bulky yarn, 100% wool and has about 164 yards in the skein. I think I might use it to make a cowl.  It would definitely be warm.  And the colors are so great, very neutral with pops of pinks.


2 thoughts on “Rosie’s Yarn Cellar

  1. Yay for unexpected LYS finds and bigger Yay for beautiful yarn!!!!!!! Next time I visit my cousin in Philly, I should check Rosie’s out. Might not be too good for my purse though … 😀

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