Knitted Baby Projects

Last night, I spent two movies knitting a bootie just like the ones I finished at the beginning of the month.  Except, I decided that I was going to make them Mary Janes with one strap and I screwed up figuring out how to do it and had to rip back. Unfortunately, I was trying to watch a movie and ended up dropping stitches.  There wasn’t a crochet hook that I could easily find and eventually I decided to just frog the whole bootie.  It was just a couple hours of work but my error help me figure out how to do one strap so I can do it again the right way.

But in honor of my failure, I thought I’d look back on some of the other baby projects I’ve knit in the last year or so.

I knit three sets of these Modern Cabled Baby Bibs for the babies of 2010. I love the buttons so much. The colors in this picture are horribly washed out.  They were actually so bright and colorful.

Then I knit the Puffy Basketweave Baby Blanket.  I loved the pattern but sort of hated the yarn I chose.  I used Plymouth Yarn Jeannee Worsted and it was so soft and made a great blanket but it felt weird on my hands as I was knitting.  Maybe it was too slippery?

I made this Greenleaf Baby Hat and loved the pattern and the way the leaf forms at the top.

Then I found this cute little Spring Baby Headband and made one in just a couple hours.

Add to that the booties I finished at the beginning of the month.

And the Baby Berry Hat.

It’s a shame I don’t have another set of booties to add.  They were going to be so cute too!  I’ll try to do them this week.  I’m planning to make them all blue with red buttons.


2 thoughts on “Knitted Baby Projects

  1. Although you don’t have the newest booties to add to the list above, your past work is beautiful. And the frogged project did help you to work out the strap technique — win, win in my book.

    I’m sure the booties when they’re done will be as amazing!!!!!

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