Finished: Berry Baby Hat

Today I finished my Berry Baby Hat.

I was a little nervous when I first read the pattern because I haven’t done that much knitting where I was swapping out colors mid-row. Around the start of the leaves, that’s exactly what you do.

My first attempt at knitting with two yarns was a Fake Isle Hat. I think this project gave me false confidence because look how good it turned out.

hatI might have chose a better primary color but the knitting itself went so well and it wasn’t too loose or too tight.  It turns out, it was dumb luck.

So, last fall I decided to try and knit a hat with a Nittany Lion logo that I charted.  This was made for a fundraiser. It turned out AWFUL.  But I had a deadline and the person in charge and other people thought it was great.  I knew better but they liked it so I gave it to them.

blehYou can see that it was loose in spots, tight in others and just bad.  Everyone swore it was great, but they aren’t knitters.  In fact, it was on the table for the raffle and two ladies (clearly knitters) accurately critiqued it’s downfalls.  I felt vindicated and a little embarrassed.

I did some online research right away and learned that people carry the yarns by twisting them in the back behind other stitches.

And I think it worked because on this hat, where you start the leaf, I twisted the yarn to carry it along so I didn’t run into a similar problem. Success!



5 thoughts on “Finished: Berry Baby Hat

  1. Your hats are gorgeous. I have posted a pattern book on my blog that has a berry hat in the book but the pattern is not as nice as yours.

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