Knitting Storage

I have been knitting more seriously for almost two years now.  In that time, I’ve accumulated a small stash and quite a few works in progress.

Right now, my projects, yarn and needles are pretty well organized.

This is my yarn stash. I have them separated in plastic bags based on nothing specific. I try to keep it so things are easy find, but it’s really not that much so even if I have to pull everything out of the basket, it all goes back quickly. It’s stored in our guest room.

stashmore stashSee, not too much.

spread outI was gifted this cute yarn pattern bag and it’s perfect for a knitting project and book, especially when I carry a small purse or no purse at all.  You never know when you might get an unexpected wait somewhere so I always like to be prepared.

yarnI have this tote bag that Mike got me when I started knitting more seriously. I use this to store the hibernating projects, old patterns (I tend to knit off of pdfs on my laptop so I have very few printed) and my long needles.

Nap KitAnd this bag was give to me by my friend Jenn (of the mountain pie and grilled pizza adventures).

TB bagTom Bihn has a wide variety of bags but I had never even heard about the company until I got this bag. I learned that I got this highly coveted knitting bag and it’s clear why. It’s made of durable fabric that can withstand needle and scissor pokes. And the inside holds so much!

It has two zippered areas where I keep my circular needles and DPNs. And it comes with one yarn sack that can clip into the bag.

insideRight now, that’s all I need and I’m really hoping I can keep it all contained. I like our clutter free home and it would make me sad if this got out of control. In just two years, it has grown quite a bit but I have surprisingly good control over it all.


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