Road Project

I was visiting with friends for the past few days. I decided that since I wasn’t driving, I should bring a project.  I should have brought my Boneyard Shawl but instead I decided I’d knit faster with shorter rows.

It was the perfect reason to start another project and use my new yarn. I decided to make a One Row Lace Scarf. I am such a slow knitter.  I knit for a while in the car and here and there when there was some down time and I maybe knit about six inches give or take.  But I love it so far!

One RowThe pattern is really easy. I cast on 32 stitches (you do it in multiples of 4) and I think that it’s perfect for this yarn. I am using a US 7 needle and it is the perfect width and the stitch size looks great.

scarfI think this will be a good project to keep stashed for waiting rooms and other down time.  Plus it will be perfect for travel as it doesn’t take up much space and can fit in a suitcase or my work bag without taking up too much room.

This morning I washed my booties which is good because shortly after I laid them out to dry, I learned that the baby I plan on giving them to was born this morning! Tomorrow night I’ll stitch them up and put on the buttons.

And there is another baby on the way and I’m planning to start a quick little project for her. She’s getting a Baby Berry Hat and I planned on making it this afternoon but we got busy with chores and errands that took longer than planned. Maybe I’ll start it now. Of course, I’ll have to swap out my US 7 16 inch circular needle on that One Row Lace Scarf to get it started. Fortunately it’s just for the beginning because part of that project’s portability comes from using a circular needle.


2 thoughts on “Road Project

  1. I made one of these once, but I used super crappy yarn. You’ve inspired me to do another one…only with better yarn this time.

    • I tried making it once before too but I think it was before I was really confident in doing yarn overs! I think I was going the wrong direction a lot and it was just a mess.

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