Blocking a scarf for my mom

My parents visited over the weekend. Since I already have the supplies and she doesn’t, my mom brought along a finished scarf that we were going to block. That is until we decided to just sit down for a few minutes to relax and ended up falling asleep. So I blocked it yesterday and I’ll bring it along with me the next time we visit them.

My mom knit the Killington Scarf at my suggestion. I knit this earlier this year and it was my first attempt at anything with lots of yarn overs. I was pleased with my results.

The scarf comes off the needles very curled.

unblocked scarfThe blocking really brings out the pattern.

scarf edgeblocking awayt pinsAnd here it is finished!

finished blockingAnd for comparison, here it is next to my finished Killington. My scarf needs to be reblocked as it’s starting to roll from wearing it.  Also, I suspect that my yarn is thinner than the yarn my mom used on hers.  She might have even used a bigger needle size.

comparisonIn the spirit of procrastination, I’m thinking of making one of these cuffs this afternoon.


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