Grilling Pizza

A few summers ago, my friend Jenn introduced me to grilled pizza.  Last night we decided to do a comparison.  Which is better – a pizza made straight on the grill or a pizza made on the grill on a pizza stone?

On my way to Jenn’s, I  bought dough from a local pizza place to skip the step of having to make dough ourselves. Jenn provided the other ingredients. We used fresh tomatoes, pizza sauce, sliced mozzarella and basil. The olive oil is to keep it from sticking to the grill.

toppingsWhen Jenn and I make grilled pizza we’re purists.  Just cheese, tomatoes, sauce and seasoning. But there are so many great ways to top it. Here’s an example of a few varieties of grilled pizza from my friend Kate.

We placed one rolled out piece of dough (um, we had some problems with our technique on rolling this one – it seems the first grilled pizza of the season is always a new learning experience) on the rack.

on the rackAnd the other one on the stone.

stone doughThe dough cooks quickly so it’s important to stand by and check it after a minute or so. You can already see the difference when we flipped them.

flippedWe lowered the heat, topped them and shut the lid.

toppedWhen the cheese was perfectly melted, we took them off.  We tasted a piece of each pizza.

two piecesLook how thin and crispy!

thin crustAnd for comparison, the back of the stone pizza:

SPBAnd the back of the rack pizza:

RPBI think I decided I like grilled pizza right on the rack best.  But Jenn and I agreed it wasn’t a fair comparison as the doughs weren’t rolled out the same so it’s hard to say if it was the dough or the method on the grill. I still like the novelty of grilling it on the rack best.  I like seeing the grill lines like in that picture above.  And I like how extra crispy and charred it gets.

I guess either way, it makes really delicious homemade pizza.


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