Project intermission

Since I finished my Sunday Market Shawl, you’d think I’d have been inspired to finish another project currently sitting on my needles.

Instead, I decided to look through my Ravelry queue for a quick project. I came across the Cable Braided Necklace and I had just the yarn for it in my stash. Probably sometime in 2003, I decided I was going to be a knitter again and bought a few skeins of yarn to knit a hat.  Last year I finally frogged the hat and I decided to use the yarn which is made by Froehlich Wolle and my best guess is that it is the Blauband Regenbogen based on locating the coordinating thread.

StripAnyway, this project is supposed to be quick. One Ravelry project page had notes that said it took an hour to knit up. Well, just like everything else in life, I am pretty slow at knitting.  It took me about two hours (some spent on the phone) to do one strip and I’ll hopefully get to the other strip one night this week.  It looks good though and it is quick for me!


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