Almost there

My Sunday Market Shawl is nearing completion.

Two nights ago I finished the knitting along with all the drop stitches.  Reading through the notes, I was a little nervous that the stitches wouldn’t drop easily. But not only did I knit it correctly, but it also unraveled very easily. I guess with some really fuzzy yarn, it takes a while.  It took about one OnDemand episode of How the States Got Their Shapes. (Everyone should watch this show.)

Unravel OneUnravel TwoIt seemed a little weird to be pulling apart my work but it really made for a loose, drapey shawl.  But it was all curly and needed blocking to show off those dropped stitches.  So that’s what I did tonight.


I am not the neatest blocker but this really doesn’t need a really strict blocking with perfectly straight edges.  It just needs to be stretched and keep the sides from curling.

BlockingCan’t wait to see the finished product!


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