The Guys!

These are our guys.  We adopted them on Friday, April 13th from Centre County PAWS and it feels like we’ve had them forever.

This is Chica Barnfell.

Chica BarnfellShe is a little six pound tortie who will be two in August.  She’s miniature – a perma-kitten. As a result, she’s called Chica but she also goes by Peanut and Nugget and a variety of nicknames of those three names.

She also has this respiratory issue where she snorts and wheezes a lot. They had her checked out a variety of ways and we are assured that she’s fine. The vet suspects that she had a cold or other infection as a kitten and as a result, her respiratory system didn’t fully develop. But she can run and keep up with the other kitty so that’s all that matters.  Plus, the way she snores is kind of adorable.

This is Butler Lynn Belvedere.

Butler Lynn BelvedereHe’ll be one in August and he’s already bigger (especially longer) than Chica and probably weighs about ten pounds.  He is the goofiest kitty.  When he’s playing, he makes these sloppy but slick moves that make him seem like a comic ninja.

Butler is big on toys.  He carries them all over the house in his mouth. When we adopted him, they gave us a bag of his toys and he came to us with a little yarn pom pom that we called Rainbow Guy. Poor Rainbow Guy has slowly died all over the house. So recently, I grabbed some yarn scraps and made them tons of new toys.

pom pomsHere is Chica snuggling up to a new toy in her bed.

Snuggly ChicaAnd here’s a bonus of Butler, ignoring his toys, and trying to hunt bugs outside the window.  Look how long he is!  Plus, see how he is being naughty but it is sort of adorable and hysterical?  Yeah, that’s how cats get away with doing things you’d never allow anyone else to do because they are too cute.

Butler Acrobat

Here is a history of their closeness.  They were mere acquaintances that first day or two.

First interactionPlaying

Then they slowly got closer.Breaking bread


And now they sort of do everything together when they are awake.Being Nosy In a little over two months, I am confident that they are super tight. They both clean each other now regularly.  The next buddy milestone I’m looking forward to is finding them sleeping with each other.

And here is the most recent shot of the buddies. If they were a celebrity couple, they’d be ButChic.


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